Winning Numbers that hit the $5M Lotto Jackpot came in a dream

Bahadur Sultani, a truck driver in Winnipeg and his mother, Aghdas Mehdizadeh are $5 million richer after winning a Lotto 6/49 prize during the December 28, 2016 draw.

According to Bahadur, he purchased the ticket from the Fas Gas service station located at B-7960 50th Ave. in Red Deer when he travelled through Alberta.

The numbers that made Bahadur and his mother $5 million richer were 1, 5, 10, 15, 40 and 41. These winning numbers according to the media release sent by Western Canada Lottery has “very special meaning” to Bahadur and Aghdas.

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Bahadur shared that years ago after his sister passed away, she came to him in a dream and gave him numbers 40, 41, 1 and 15. He then mentioned it to Aghdas. Aghdas then, told his son that these numbers may bring him good luck so she advised him to play the lottery.

From then on, Bahadur will be asking his mom for the remaining 2 numbers, the last time he called her to ask for the numbers, she picked 5 and 10… Lo and behold they hit the jackpot and won $5.3 million!

The lucky mother and son lottery winners already have a few plans which includes moving to British Columbia as Aghdas wishes and the perfect “monster truck” for Bahadur. For Bahadur, now that he is a lot richer, the smartest thing to do would be to make his mother happy.

Aside from their personal plans, the winners also plan to donate some of their winnings to help the less fortunate.

Source:  Global News: Winnipeg man hits $5M lotto jackpot, says winning numbers came in a dream, retrieved January 25, 2017


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