Winnipeg’s Jolliest Reunion with Pinoy’s National Bee

As expected hundreds of people lined up during the grand opening of the most famous Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee on its first Canadian location last December 15. Everyone were very excited to finally reunite with Jollibee despite the sub-zero temperature.

The first customer in line was Jason Ladera with his 6-year old son Wilfred, they braved the winter weather and lined up at 10:30PM.

Everyone who lined up on the first day (and as of this time) have their own reasons and stories why it is very important for them to be one of the first customers of Jollibee. Winnipeg is home to more than 60,000 Filipinos and every bite of chickenjoy represents each memory shared with Jollibee, after all, Jollibee is a part of almost every Filipinos from generation X to millennials.

JollibeeCanadaPage (3).png


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