Healthy Baby Program and Manitoba Prenatal Benefit

Manitoba Prenatal Benefit provides monthly assistance to pregnant women who live in Manitoba and have a net family income of less than $32,000 a year.  The benefit encourages early regular prenatal care and promotes and supports healthy outcomes for moms, babies and families by providing monthly financial benefit to help the pregnant woman to be able to buy healthy food that she needs during pregnancy.

Application for this benefit may be submitted as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed.  If you are approved for the benefit, you can start to receive monthly cheques in the month of your 14th week of pregnancy and will end in the month your baby is due.   The Healthy Baby cheques are mailed every last Friday of the month.  The amount of the benefit that you will receive is based on your income. You could get between $10.00 to $81.41 a month.

To apply for this benefit, you need to complete an application form which can be downloaded online or pick up a form from any medical offices, community agencies, and government offices, or you can call Healthy Child Manitoba Office at 204-945-1301 (in Winnipeg) or toll free at 1-888-848-0140 (outside Winnipeg) to get a form mailed to you. The applicant must provide a medical note from her health care provider, confirming her pregnancy and expected due date.


Aside from the Manitoba Prenatal Benefit, Healthy Baby Community Support programs is also available to anyone who is pregnant and/or parenting a baby that is under the age of one free of charge.   The Healthy Baby Community Support programs help pregnant women and new parents connect with other parents, families and health professionals. Healthy Baby group sessions offer information, support and resources on prenatal and postnatal nutrition and health, breastfeeding, parenting tips and lifestyle choices.

You can attend to Healthy Baby programs when it is convenient for you. There are over 100 Healthy Baby sites across Manitoba. To find out how you can connect to a program in your area you can call 204-945-1301(Winnipeg) or toll-free at 1-888-848-0140 or see the locations and phone numbers listed on their website.

Source: Healthy Child Manitoba – Healthy Baby,

Reminder:  This post is based on the information provided by the Government of Manitoba as published in it’s official website (  For complete and accurate information, it is still best to visit their website or to contact the office of the government concerned.