Child Care in Manitoba

In Manitoba, the provincial government does not operate any licensed early learning and child care service directly. Licensed centres are run by boards of directors, and licensed child care homes are run by the licensed home provider(s).

The government provides annual operating grants to eligible, licensed, non-profit child care facilities and sets maximum fee limits for those facilities. If a facility receives a provincial operating grant, it is called a funded facility. Funded facilities must follow the Manitoba regulation that sets out the maximum fees that can be charged for the type of child care spaces being offered.  On the other hand, an unfunded facility  are those licensed facilities who chose NOT to receive a provincial operating grant.   These facilities can set its own fees.

The chart below shows the maximum amount a family can be charged, by a funded facility, for the type of space their child is in.


Note that this chart may be change due to  update that may be made in the Child Care Regulation, please visit to ensure that you are looking into the most updated information.

For more information regarding  funded or unfunded facilities  and to find out what fees a specific facility is allowed to charge, you can contact the  Child Care Information Services at 204-945-0776, toll free 1-888-213-4754 or email

The government provides subsidies for qualifying families to help pay for child care fees. The Child Care Subsidy Program provides provincial support to eligible families to help with the cost of care by reducing child care fees for children from the ages of 12 weeks to 12 years.

The family’s eligibility for this benefit program depends on various factors including:

  • your net household income
  • the number and age of your children
  • the number of days required for care
  • the reason for care (example:  you have a job, you’re seeking employment, you’re attending school/approved training program, your child has an additional support need, you have a medical need.)

To find out if you qualify for full or partial child care subsidy, you must submit a subsidy application.  Due to the range of factors that determine your eligibility, it is only possible to provide an estimate of the child care subsidy you may be eligible for, by using the Subsidy Eligibility Estimator. If you are found qualified for a child care subsidy, a subsidy advisor assigned to you will contact you by your preferred method of communication, that you have selected when you submitted your application.

There is a $2 non-subsidized fee for each child, per day, that all families must pay, including those who receive a full child care subsidy.  For example, if you receive a full subsidy and you have one child that attends a licensed early learning and child care facility five times a week, your child care fee will be $2 per day for one child x 20 days in a month for a total of $40 a month.

There are two options to apply for this program, you can apply online or you can directly contact  the Child Care Subsidy Program to get a paper application mailed to you.

Contact Information:
Address: 102 -114 Garry Street, Winnipeg MB R3C 1G1     Email:     Phone: 204-945-0286 (in Winnipeg)    Toll-free:1-877-587-6224    Fax: 204-948-2143

Sources: A Guide to Child Care in Manitoba,

Reminder:  This post is based on the information provided by the Government of Manitoba as published in it’s official website (  For complete and accurate information, it is still best to visit their website


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